Wk 13- Essay 2- Art!

  1. My idea hasn't changed nut more so has expanded, now i believe that my life is art and my everyday doings are art and therefore i feel art is constantly expanding and growing in each and everyday in our lives. Art for me hasn't changed but has only gotten bigger and more extravagant.
  2. What art to me is now is a culmination of many different perspectives and many different uses of the imagination that one can use to express themselves
  3. As a Civil Engineering major, my career path poses many opportunities for me to express in many ways. Art can be expressed in the way in which we build, innovate, and bring forth a new way of living for us citizens. My career goals would be to make my fathers company into a big firm and become a leading competitor with other general contracting businesses.
  4. Art has enriched my life in many ways, one being it brought a new perspective on the way i see daily living and how i view my goals and my career as a way of art. I see myself bringing the things i learned in this class to my work field and being an innovator for my career with art in the back of my mind
  5. For me art does matter, however i know that for others it doesn't because of the fact that art is seen as irrelevant career choice of just staring at pictures and photographs. I feel that if art suddenly vanished from earth, everyone would suddenly be bland and non colorful, but rather so very boring and nude colors would be seen as a normal thing. The modern day fashion would change, cars would be bland. Everything we know of would have no creativity without art.
  6. The notion, “ a great nation deserves great art” is fairly controversial as many believe it to not be true, however i believe this is true since art is seen in many shapes and forms and for those who see art in this form, then they’d know that art is everywhere. I believe that we as a nation deserve great things and with the equality that we share we should all have the same benefit to obtain this art.
  7. Going forward after this class i learned that its fine to be scared at looking at a random piece of art and not knowing what it means. Like everyone, we all have our own lives in this world of isolation but beyond this isolation lies great art and even more, a great opportunity to experience and witness new art before your eyes. Its my job to experience this art and i hope i can achieve with an open mind.




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